Web & Video Conferencing

[ Effortless Screen and Document Sharing with HD Video ]

Our simple affordable service combines web, video and audio conferencing, so everyone can see the same thing while you talk.

Our web conferencing service can be used from any computer as well your iPhone, iPad, Android Device or Blackberry. There is no complicated installation, just simply download the Outlook toolbar plug in, Mobile App or Desktop App.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us on [ 01-284 6958 ]

Simple Affordable Pricing – €21 Per Month + Up to 125 People Per Meeting

Effortless Screen and Document Sharing with HD Video

You can connect with anyone, anywhere, use your web cam for HD quality video, share files or your desktop and even record your meetings.

The Meeting Calls You – No Dial In No Pin Numbers

With no more pin or dial in numbers, the meeting calls out to your phone or via your computer. Of course you can still dial in the traditional way.

Connect from Anywhere – using Any Device

Whether your in the office or on the go, you can join or host web and video conferences from your computer or mobile device.

Private Messaging – Whiteboard and Q&A Polling

Private messaging allows you to send messages to select meeting guests and with the whiteboard you can draw, draft and edit together, just like being in the same room.

We are Always Ready to Help – Live 24/7 Local Phone Support

Download our super easy quick start guide here

Features and Benefits:

  • Outlook toolbar integration
  • Up to 125 participants
  • Mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android
  • HD quality video for all participants
  • 24/7 Local operator support
  • Whiteboards and messaging
  • One-click meeting recording
  • Voip audio, dial in or call me

Web & Video Pricing

- €21 per month per host
- Up to 125 participants
- Audio 5 cent minute
- No limit on meetings or time

Try 30 Day Free Trial
- Unlimited use for 30 days
- Free audio conferencing
- No credit card required

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