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What it Costs

What it Costs

It's easy, Get set up in 2 minutes

Hassle Free Conference Calls - No contract - No fixed monthly fee

6 Cent per minute – dial into a call in, Ireland, UK, Europe and the USA

All you pay is just one flat rate of 6 cent, per minute, per participant, to dial into a local conference call number in Ireland, UK, Europe and the USA.

If you don't make any conference calls, there is nothing to pay!

If you don’t make any conference calls, there is nothing to pay and we don’t send you an invoice.

No contract – No fixed monthly Fee – No set up fee - Pay as you go

We don’t ask you to sign a contract and there are no set up fees or any fixed monthly

Simple transparent monthly invoicing

Your monthly invoice is easy to read and completely transparent. There is a detailed breakdown of the cost, time and date of every conference call you make.

Country Per Minute rates

CountryCost Per Minute
Belgium6 Cent
France6 Cent
Germany6 Cent
Ireland6 Cent
Italy6 Cent
Netherlands6 Cent
Portugal6 Cent
Spain6 Cent
Sweden6 Cent
UK6 Cent
USA6 Cent

Find out more about our international rates in 60+ Countries?

To find out more about our low cost  international rates in over 60 countries or if you need a rate for a specific country
please don’t hesitate to email us at

Save 60% on Eir Conferencing rates

Our rates are 60% cheaper than Eir conferencing, we guarantee to save you 60% on your current rates with Eir conferencing.
Please email us a copy of your current Eir conferencing invoice and we will show you the savings -

Conference Call Pricing

Only 6 cent per minute - Dial into a call in, Ireland, UK, Europe and the USA

No contract. No monthly fixed fee. No. set up fee. Pay as you go

6 Cent Per Minute

Video Conferencing Pricing


Only €6.99 per month - unlimited video conferencing and screen sharing meetings

Invite up to 125 participants

See up to 12 participants via on screen video

Meet as long as you want, no restrictions!

Audio dial in and speak via your computer

See how how we compare on price to, Zoom, Webex & Go To Meeting

€6.99 Per Month€13.99 Per Month€14.25 Per Month€24.00 Per Month
125 Participants100 Participants50 Participants10 Participants
Unlimited Number of MeetingsLimited MeetingsLimited MeetingsLimited Meetings
24/7 Irish Customer SupportNo Dedicated SupportNo Dedicated SupportNo Dedicated Support

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